Ranch Scenery

Have you ever wondered where you can find some of the greatest views on Earth? Farmers and Ranchers have the greatest seats in the house. Did you know that more than 70% of our nation’s wildlife can be found on farm and ranch lands? That’s right, not only do our farmers and ranchers conserve and protect great lands, but they also work to provide shelter for so many wildlife. Have you thanked a farmer or rancher today?

Cora Moore shares the awesome view in the sky left behind an afternoon rain shower.

How can you beat this view over a field of young alfalfa at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains. This was shot the morning after a June snow shower. --Ryan Goodman

Andrea Leinginer from Wyoming shares this awesome view of open rangeland. This is kind of land ranchers work to take care of and preserve on a daily basis.

There are so many more great scenes like these that farmers and ranchers have the opportunity to view every day.

If you have photos of the scenes on your farm or ranch, send them to me today and you may see them in a future post. Email me at agricultureproud@hotmail.com.

About Ryan Goodman (1054 Articles)
Ryan Goodman lives in Helena, Montana, but grew up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas. He has spent the last several years learning about farming systems across the country, living in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Tennessee. He is a proud Animal Science graduate of Oklahoma State University and has completed graduate level research at the University of Tennessee, focusing on beef cattle reproduction and nutrition. Ryan works with the Montana Stockgrowers Association and does speaking events across the country centered on agriculture advocacy for farmers and ranchers. Outside of advocacy, Ryan is a novice runner, with goals of accomplishing his first Half Marathon in 2015, and enjoys refueling with a good steak. #TeamBeef!

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  1. Love the windmill picture Ms. Cora! Gorgeous!


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