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Beginner Blogging at AgChat Conference

Part of my series sharing tips to improve blogging (Link)

Today I’m presenting a workshop at the 2012 AgChat Agvocacy 2.0 conference hosted by the AgChat Foundation in Kansas City, MO. There’s a host of great sessions this week helping farmers and ranchers learn to better use online tools for agriculture advocacy. If you want to follow along, be sure to watch the #ACFC12 stream on Twitter.

I’m pretty fortunate to be working with two great gals in the world of Agriculture Bloggers.

  • Katie Pinke (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) is from North Dakota, where her family is involved in numerous farming operations and she works with farmers across the state with the ND Department of Agriculture.
  • Jennifer Keller (Blog, Facebook, Twitter) is a mom from Ohio, plowing through life, who works with the National Pork Producers Council.
  • (And just in case you’re new to my blog…) I’m from an Arkansas ranching family, still trying to figure out where I want to be in life (read about it here). I’m currently a student at the University of Tennessee, working on a Master’s degree. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Be sure to check out their blogs and pages to hear more of their story and great tips they always share.

In our workshop we’ll be giving tips for bloggers who are getting started, whether you’ve been blogging for a few days or a year, you may feel like there are some tips out there to help get you off the launch pad. We will try to help with that.

Topics we will be covering include:

  • Blog design and topics
  • Writing skills and tips
  • “Blogstorming” (brain storming topics for your posts)
  • Skills for sharing and building an audience

If you have any questions about blogging, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email (

Be sure to check out my continuing series here with tips for Better Blogging in Agriculture. I’ll share more tips from our workshops next week.




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Thankful Thursday: Opportunity and Ranching Blogs

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Not much to say today other than I am Thankful. I am Thankful for the opportunities I have to travel, to study, and to learn from many great people. Its been said many times, we become like who we surround ourselves with. I am Thankful for having so many people I admire and want to be more like that are willing to spend time to teach me. I haven’t done much traveling in life (no more than a dozen states), but I have made all of those travels learning experiences. I’ve experienced so many great things and view life as a road pursuing (and still figuring out what exactly it is) my passion.

That all being said, just thought I would share my appreciation for a few ranching blogs. I don’t have the opportunity to travel much IRL (In Real Life), but thanks to Social Media, I can learn more about life in other areas through the words and photos of other bloggers.

Chico Basin RanchColorado Springs, Colorado, is a ranch I visited last August. A great group of guys who are visionaries and work to teach young people who have a passion for learning. The blog has many authors, each with his own perspective. From the ranch owner to the newest intern, each has an appreciation for life on the ranch. CBR also practices Holistic Ranch Management. If that’s new to you, learn more here.

Red Dirt In My Soul - (Facebook) Carol Greet lives in one of my favorite places in the world. Actually, she’s just down the road from the ranch in Wyoming where I worked Summer 2009, and we even went to town for groceries in the same place, but I never had the opportunity to meet. She blogs about her family ranch near Ten Sleep, Wyoming, her English Shepherd dogs, and includes plenty of high quality photos. Each month she has a question and answer video in response to the many reader comments she receives, so don’t be afraid to ask away.One really cool ranch mom with a great story!

Check out more of my favorite blogs in an earlier post.

Happy Thursday. Remember to be Thankful.

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A Collection Of Stories – Diversity In Agriculture

The sun's down on another great blog series. Many types of Agriculture featured, but there's still more to come!

Agriculture is a diverse world and even though I’ve spent the past 30 days highlighting the numerous ways farmers, ranchers, and consumers contribute to this diversity, there’s still so much more story to tell. I was excited to celebrate National Agriculture Day and the start of my 3rd year on Agriculture proud with a month of guest posts featuring different sectors of Agriculture. There’s still many more stories to come in the series, but I think it’s time I get back to my story as well.

To make things a little simpler I want to highlight all of the great people who contributed to my blog series and shared why they are Agriculture Proud. There’s a great collection of Agriculture diversity here, covering many walks of life. I hope you enjoy the unique thoughts each and every person has to offer. Let me know if you’d like to contribute a post, and let’s keep the story rolling and share with the world why we’re Agriculture Proud!

Mal The Beef Gal – Malorie Bankhead is from Livermore, California and a student at California Poly Technical State University in San Luis Obispo. She is a great Ambassador for the Beef community and as she puts it, great things can come in small packages.

California Sustainable Wood – Mark Lathrop works with tree farmers in Northern California and does a great job reminding us about a crop many can overlook even though it surrounds us every day.

In My DNA – Leslie Pierson grew up and lives in an urban setting, but that doesn’t keep her from being involved in Agriculture and having a passion for what her relatives once did.

Corn, Cattle, and Countless Hours – Bobbi Lorenz, along with her husband, raises corn and cattle in Nebraska and shows how living the farm life is truly reason to be Agriculture Proud.

Ontario Agriculture – Joe Dickenson joined the series to take us across the Northern border and have a glimpse at how Canadian Agriculture works with the community.

I am Ag Proud – On National Agriculture Day, I took a moment to reflect on my role in Agriculture as a graduate student and Animal Science researcher.

Chico Locker and Sausage - Jenny Dewey took us out to her folks place in California. The family does a great job working with the community, providing fresh meats, and opportunities to learn how meat travels from pasture to plate.

Family Roots – Daren Williams, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, takes us on the road up the family tree to DISCover how his family impacted row crop farming and even raised cattle.

Food Insecurity – Anthony Pannone, student at Texas A&M, works with I Love Farmers, They Feed My Soul. He takes time to point out a great passion for most farmers, feeding the hungry, and shows how opportunity lies right outside our doors.

Agricultural Law – Elizabeth Burns-Thompson is a law student at Drake University with a passion and understanding of policy making. She explains how she plans to utilize her love for Agriculture in a future career.

National Teach Ag Day – Robin McLean is an agriculture educator in New Jersey. She joined in to share a bit about Teach Ag Day and as she explains it, she became an Ag educator “by choice not by chance.”

Illinois Ag Education – Kathy Novotney, also an Ag educator, from Illinois took a moment to share why she is proud to teach future American agriculturalists and how much her background in Ag contributes to that.

Can An Outsider Be AgProud? – Aimee Whetstine wants her chance at the conversation. An urban mom who loves to learn about her food sources. This Wichita resident shares why consumers can be Ag Proud too.

Tennessee Dairy Farmer – Ryan Bright from East Tennessee is Ag Proud to be a 5th generation dairy farmer and takes pride in seeing his product on grocery shelves.

Quality of Agriculture – Erica Beck of Washington thinks highly of being raised in the Agriculture community, and it all boils down to quality. Quality of cattle, horses, and even crops.

Sunflower Farmer – March Rohrich lives in North Dakota, the leading state for sunflower production. He does a great job of letting us know just what all farmers can do with sunflowers!

Harned’s Drive-In – Celeste Harned was raised growing hogs, but married into a family restaurant. How does she mix the two? There’s a lot to be learned from both sides.

Louisiana Sugarcane – Wilson Judice is sugarcane farmer in Louisiana. Many don’t realize this crop is harvested multiple times a year. Wilson also shares some thoughts on farming for the future generation.

Family Dairy Farming – How about a family dairy in Utah! Farming on the same land since the 1800s and producing 90,000 lbs of milk every day, Trent Bown shares why he’s AgProud.

The Farm Vet – This Veterinarian in the big state of California is AgProud. How can one take care of animals, knowing they’ll one day end up as food on our plates?

Peanut Farming – Jillian Etress didn’t grow up on a farm, but learned a lot from her grandparents. Same goes for her husband. Now they raise peanuts, cattle and more on their farm in Alabama.

Meat Producers part of Global Food – David Hayden grew up on a farm, but has a passion for meat production. Now he helps others be better at getting meat to retail product. Learning from Pasture to Plate.

Certified Organic – Delvin Farmers is a Nashville area certified organic farm and hosts a Community Supported Agriculture. Some farmers find niche markets in these urban areas and make good on connecting urban consumers with food.

More Coming Soon!

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed guest posts to this series! It’s been so much fun for me to learn about different parts of Agriculture. Which was your favorite?

There are still more posts in the series to come, but we’re gonna space them out a bit. There’s a cotton loving gal, a military kid, a Louisiana Farm kid, and more lined up. Be sure to check back on this blog for them to show up. I’ll add em to this list later.

Do you have a story to tell? Would you like to see a specific part of Agriculture featured in this story? Send me your thoughts or leave em in the comment section below.


My Favorite Agriculture Blogs

Do a google search for Agriculture Blog and you’ll return a long list of great agvocates sharing the story of food production around the globe. During the past few years this trend has really taken hold, but we still have a long row to hoe in closing the gap between consumers and their food sources. We may be the 2% producing food for 100%, but we’re still the few among millions.

There are several blogs I follow on a regular basis, and as I write this I can think of many more I need to add to my list. I need to do a better job of leaving my comments and sharing these posts with other readers. There’s no way I could include every Agriculture Blog out there, but here are a select few that I will recommend.

A Colorful Adventure – Janice in St Louis, affectionately known as JPlovesCotton, has been a good friend of mine since I jumped into the Social Media world, and she’s just as awesome in real life too! JP shares her love for cotton, photography, travel, and agriculture through blogging. She’ll often connect her posts with popular culture events and does a great job with those connections.

Common Sense Agriculture – Jeff Fowle is awesome. From Etna, California this fourth generation cattle rancher frequently blogs about ranch life. His blog title does well to describe Jeff’s writing style and approach to topics in the agriculture community. Jeff’s an all-star on Twitter too, @JeffFowle.

Farming America – David Hayden, native of Kentucky, fellow graduate of Oklahoma State Animal Science, does a great job of consumer outreach. David takes the stories that matter, utilizes his resources, and does a great job of explaining the issues at hand. Want to hear some great facts about the food you eat? He shares some great view points. Find David on Twitter, Facebook.

Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch – Debbie Lyons-Blythe isn’t just another cattle woman in the flint hills of Kansas. She’s also a mom who’s busy keeping track of all her kids as well. Debbie does an awesome job with her blogging and sharing about daily life on the ranch. Oh and she usually has some good recipes to share as well. Twitter, Facebook

Mom at the Meat Counter – Janeal Yancey is a mom and a meat scientist. Who better to make the connection between moms and the meat on the retail shelf? Janeal was one of my instructors at the University of Arkansas and she’s a blast to be around. She’s open to your questions about meat on the shelf and does a great job explaining what’s in the Big Mac. Twitter, Facebook

PNW Rancher – Erica calls the Pacific Northwest home, one place I’ve never been, but it’s on my bucket list. Erica has an eye for photography and her talent makes regular appearances. I love following her posts because I kinda feel like I’m visiting her neck of the woods and learning about life in a place I’ve never been. She does a great job of this. Twitter, Facebook

Texas Agriculture Talks – This is one of the few blogs I follow, not written from a personal story POV. This blog is part of the efforts from Texas Farm Bureau to reach out to the agriculture community and non-ag consumers alike. Two authors touch on policy and news issues and do a great job of putting their spin on things. Twitter, Facebook

Sitting in the Pasture – Time for my shameless plug. I really don’t do much with this blog. Well, at least not on a regular basis compared to Agriculture Proud. I have several Wordless Wednesday posts here and thoughts from Christian life. My current project is a series highlighting videos from my favorite Texas Country music artists every Wednesday. Follow if you will, but like I said not daily activity.

Do you have some favorite agriculture blogs? Give a nod to your favorites in the comments section below. Also check out the Blogging for Agriculture Facebook page for regular AgBlog updates. Please add your blog posts to that page as well!

Check out my Facebook page, #AgProud Daily paper, and Twitter feeds. Whew, there were enough links to add to this post…

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