In The News

There are several opportunities where I have been asked to share a few thoughts on other blogs, websites, and magazines. Here are a few links. Be sure to visit these pages and thank these groups for sharing a message about food and agriculture.

  • Prime Time Showman’s Handbook
    • July 2013 – Can we have a civil conversation?
  • Alltech
    • June 2013 – Alltech Symposium Breakout Sessions Highlight Advances in Livestock Nutrition Programs
    • May 2012 – Agriculture Proud in Lexington, KY
  • CNN Eatocracy
    • April 2013 – Opinion: What the ‘ag gag’ bills mean to my farm
    • March 2013 – Celebrate National Agriculture Day and talk to a farmer
    • February 2013 – When the fields are frozen, there’s still plenty of work to be done
    • February 2013 – By the numbers, how has farming changed since ‘So God Made a Farmer’
    • February 2013 – ‘So God Made a Farmer’ – Truck ad stirs pride
    • December 2012 – What should a ‘local’ farm (and farmer) look like?
    • September 2012 – Farmers aren’t evil. Now can we have a civil conversation?
    • July 2012 – Praying for rain in the Arkansas drought
    • July 2012 – No Bull – Start a conversation with a farmer
    • June 2012 – No Bull – What a farmer wants you to hear
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
    • January 2013 – Ag Social Media ‘Rock Stars’ Encourage Farmers, Ranchers
    • January 2013 – Social Agriculture Panel [Video]
    • January 2013 – Farmers Strategize on Social Media
  • American Angus Association
  • Growing Produce (FL)
    • October 2012 – Ag Blogger Ryan Goodman Talks Social Media
  • NCBA Young Producers’ Council
  • Feedstuffs – Food and Farm Radio
  • @Urban Magazine (Fort Smith, AR)
  • Highlands Today (Tampa, FL)
    • July 2012 – Industry plugs into social networks
  • AgriTalk Radio
  • DTN Progressive Farmer
    • July 2012 – Drought fries forage – sale barns busy as grazing dries up
    • October 2011 – Farmers are using blogs to tell the real, day-to-day stories about their operations and the food they grow
    • September 2011 – Blogging is an opportunity for thoughtful dialogue straight from the farm
  • A Colorful Adventure
    • July 2012 – Ryan Goodman, Ranchhand & Social Media Hero
  • AgChat Foundation
    • June 2012 – How can a farmer get a chance to write for CNN?
    • October 2011 – No smartphone? No problem
  • University of Florida – Center for Public Issues Education
    • June 2012 – Using Social Media to tell your story
  • Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association
    • 2012 – Social Media in Agriculture: Who’s Doing it Right?
  • US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance
    • May 2012 – Cattlemen’s College: Cattle Feed Efficiency
  • Progressive Cattleman
    • May 2012 – Bright opportunity for the millennial generation
  • Consumer Ag Connection Radio
  • AgriView News Magazine
    • January 2012 – Fast food tries new marketing approach, beef industry takes spotlight
  • Landline ABC News (Australia)
  • Beef Magazine
    • April 2010 – I am Agriculture Proud! Are You?
    • June 2011 – Beef Producers Must Promote To Consumers
  • Tri-State Livestock News
    • May 2010 – I am agriculture proud
    • May 2011 – Ryan Goodman launches ‘Agriculture Proud’ Web site to showcase lifestyle
  • Progressive Dairyman
    • April 2011 – AgChat Foundation celebrates one year of connecting consumers with farmers and ranchers using social media
  • Oklahoma State University
    • March 2011 – Agriculture students develop beef blog
  • Farm Journal Magazine
  • America’s Web Radio
  • Calf News Magazine
  • Working Ranch Magazine
  • KGYN Radio News
  • Feedlot Magazine

Keynote Speaker Opportunities

ryan goodman agriculture speakerAgriculture is my passion and I want to take opportunity to share my story offline with others in the community. I take advantage of opportunities to present workshops, speak for clubs, field days, banquets, and meetings. My messages include training for use of Social Media in agriculture, pursuing your passion with a career in agriculture, and connecting our food from pasture to plate. If you or your group are interest in having me speak at your next event, contact me by email (

Previous speaking events:

  • Pursuing Agriculture as a Career – Estancia, New Mexico FFA Banquet, May 2011
  • Connecting Food from Farm to Fork – Estancia Public Schools, Grades K-8, New Mexico, May 2011
  • Advantages in Beef Cattle Marketing, Monroe County Cattlemens, Brinkley, Arkansas, August 2011
  • Blogging for Agriculture session, AgChat Foundation Conference, Nashville, TN, August 2011
  • Social Media for Agriculture, Beef Cattle Merchandising, University of Tennessee, April 2012
  • Social Media for Agriculture, Tennessee Hereford Field Day, Shelbyville, TN, June 2012
  • Beginner Blogging, AgChat Foundation Conference, Kansas City, MO, August 2012
  • Social Media – The Road from Farm to Urban – Agriculture Institute of Florida Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, October 2012
  • Social Agriculture: Social Media’s Role in the Industry (Video) – American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, January 2013
  • Social Media for Cattle Marketing, Beef Cattle Merchandising, University of Tennessee, February 2013
  • The Importance of Youth Quality Assurance, 4-H Leader and Volunteer Training, Crossville, TN, February 2013
  • Fetal Development and Beef Cow Nutrition, University of Tennessee REC Field Day, Alcoa and Springfield, TN, June 13 and 27, 2013
  • USFRA Conversation Leader Training, Atlanta, GA, July 10-11, 2013
  • Blogging Beyond the Basics: Better Blogging, Better Connection, AgChat Foundation Conference, Charlotte, NC, August 22-23, 2013

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