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ryan goodman agricultureHey folks, thanks for stopping by! My name is Ryan Goodman and I have a story to share. That’s how blogging started for me. I didn’t know it at the time, but a summer spent on a Wyoming cattle ranch launched an entirely new world for me by sharing daily experiences of ranch life. On this blog you’ll find more stories about my passion for the cattle industry and the community of folks involved in producing our food.

Everyone has a story to tell. America’s Farmers and Ranchers have a great one. Whether it is their hard work, resilience, sense of community, or passion to keep improving upon our skills, someone is listening. These are those stories and the reasons about why I am proud to be a part of Agriculture.

Who is this guy?

oklahoma state cowboys

This guy, Pistol Pete, is why my blog theme has so much Orange. Go Pokes!

I grew up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas with my parents and 2 brothers. We raised commercial Angus cattle with a herd of 1,200 cows. My family also had a stocker cattle operation, taking care of more than 12,000 yearling cattle on an annual basis. We retained ownership of these animals as they moved on to the feedlots in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. This inspired my desire to branch out and broaden my experience within the cattle industry.

I attended the University of Arkansas (go Hogs!) where I studied equine science, then moved to Oklahoma State University to finish a Bachelor’s degree focusing on cattle reproduction and nutrition. Later, I attended he University of Tennessee studying interactions between cattle nutrition and reproduction through graduate-level research.

During my college years, I took the opportunity to work on cattle ranches across the country. This included a natural beef ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming; one of my favorite places on earth. I love the mountains and love the constantly changing environment they bring to life.

I have also worked in the cattle feedlots of the Texas Panhandle. This was a great experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Learning about the cattle industry from beginning to end is an invaluable experience that more folks should have the opportunity to do.

wyoming ryan goodman horse

Where I am today…

Now I live in Montana, working as Communications Manager for the Montana Stockgrowers Association. Helena, Montana is a scenic town and relatively quiet for being a State Capitol. I spend much of my time trail running and do my part to be an example of how beef is an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I love running 10k and Half Marathon distances with aspirations for ultra trail running.

ryan goodman horse

My other interests…

My time in Stillwater, Oklahoma inspired a love for the Red Dirt music scene. I would rather listen to Texas regional country music than that of Nashville artists any day. Coffee fuels my day. I’m a poor photographer, but usually have a camera along to capture a snapshot of my day. I collect postcards from across the country. If you want to send me one, use my contact page for an address, but you’ll have to include a fact about your area’s agriculture on the card.

I love reading and have a bookshelf full of western fiction novels, works by John Grisham, and books describing the history of places I’ve lived. My favorite readings and ruminations are found on my Book List tab.

Writing and Speaking…

ryan goodman agriculture speakerSharing the story of modern agriculture and learning more about how others perceive farmers and ranchers is important to me. I practice what most would call conventional agriculture, but desire to learn more about what others think about agriculture. I do much more reading than I do writing. God gave me two ears and one mouth. Each day I work harder to apply that knowledge.

I love new experiences in food and farming conversations. So much so that I have taken my story on the road. I love speaking at events and with groups or organizations. A list of those events can be found on the Guest Speaking tab. My thoughts can also be found in numerous industry publications as well as on CNN’s Eatocracy food blog. Read more about those events on the In the News tab.

How to interact with me…

I encourage you to ask questions on this blog. You can submit questions via the Ask a Farmer contact form and receive my reply in a personal email.

My opinion is just that – one individual’s point of view. I encourage you to visit my Blog Roll tab for a list of farmers and ranchers across the country sharing their own perspectives. The page is updated when I have time.

Be sure to visit my YouTube channel for several videos from my life on the ranch. Connect with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (@AgProudRyan) and Instagram (@AgProudRyan). Email: ryan@agricultureproud.com.

Learn more about Agriculture Proud, featured blog series, and what flies (and doesn’t) on the blog from the About AgProud tab.

27 Comments on About Me

  1. I like his story of how he kept up with agriculture and never gave up on it. They mean alot to us and if people just gave up wwe would have nothing. Thanks for not giving up.


  2. Hey, maybe this is a bit offf topic however in any case, I have been browsing about your blog and it seems actually neat. impassioned about your writing. I’m creating a new blog and exhausting-pressed to make it appear great, and supply excellent articles. I’ve discovered lots on your web site and I look forward to further updates and will likely be back.


  3. Hello, I just wanted to take the time to make a comment and say I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for all your work!


  4. I would like to know if you were an FFA member and if you would be interested in talking about why you advocate through social media and the impact you are having on your community through your writing at a summer conference in Little Rock for the National FFA Alumni Assocation? If so, send me a note and we can discuss some details!
    Thanks, Lucy


  5. Great blogs, twitter posts. I have your site listed on my one stop blog stop at http://www.farmerinc.net under the beef page. If you like the site, please add my blog site and share the word about this blog. I also have my own farm blog at http://www.idahofarmwife.net. Thanks. Keep up the great work.


  6. Great writing, and awesome experiences. Continue believing in your dream! I grew up in SW Kansas, farming, cattle, country life so I know the areas that you talk about. I am now in Des Moines IA in the agfinance business but am working on the side on my dream as well. An agricultural social media startup called chatterbarn.com. Check our site out and pre-register if you want, we will keep you updated on our launch date. Keep up the good writing, and live the dream!


  7. There’s no better place to live than AR. I live in Russellville. I enjoyed your story. Doylene


  8. What a great site! Nothing like coming back home, especially when you’re in ag! Keep up the great work!


  9. Great to hear about the other side of the world’s farming perspective. Over here in Australia, we call farming ‘being on the land’ and ranches are ‘properties’ (well, the big ones anyway). Your description of pan handle country to the mountains of Wyoming is very similar to the varied range of farming country in Australia – from the north west Warrumbungles to far western Queensland, tick country in the Northern Territory and right down into the Snowy Mountains, we too have immense diversity that all require different farming strategies. Saw you were a participant in the Landline program which led me to your great blog – looking forward to reading more! Cheers.


    • Thanks for stopping by from Australia. It’s always interesting to hear about agriculture from different parts of the world. If you have any specific questions, drop me an email or a message and I’ll see if I can’t share a lil insight.


  10. I’m a newbie to the agricultural life, but I married a 3rd generation dairy farmer who left the farm for a while and came back after his father died. Like you, it never stopped being a part of him. I started a light-hearted blog about my transition as a city girl to the country life, but I really enjoy learning everything I can about agriculture in general and I really like your blog! Some of the pictures I’ve seen are gorgeous! We’re dying to go out to Wyoming and Montana!


  11. Hey Ryan. Enjoyed reading your story. Agriculture is a passion that once in your blood you just want more. My family and I have chicken houses and a cattle and horse operation. There is nothing more fulfilling than working so close to God’s creation and knowing you help feed the world. This blog is just one great way to educate people on what agriculture is all about. I look forward to following you and your journey. I also teach high school math and I encourage my students to follow their dreams, set goals, and travel before they get married and have kids (:


  12. Ryan just got your blog link through Daren. I am really enjoying the read. My husband and I own cows, we lived in Nebraska last year to start a feedlot. I don’t know what our next adventure is – but God is good! So, I am sure it will be awesome – with a few ups and downs. I just started blogging and enjoy it more than I thought. So glad I got a new blog to visit. Keep dreaming and following the dream. I say any place with cows is a good place to be.


  13. What a great blog! I grew up on a dairy farm in MS and have very deep, strong roots in agriculture. I would love to have you join our discussions on BeckAgConnects.com since I think you would provide great insight and gain some from other ag professionals. Come check it out – it’s a private site for folks in agriculture only.


    • Thank you for the invite Margaret. Social media is a great resource to meet others and network within the Ag community. Once I get things lined out maybe I can find some time to join in your discussion boards.


  14. great story and sounds like an exciting future. wish you the best


  15. You are doing a wonderful service for Ag! I am a nutritionist for a local feed mill and a farmer. I received my BS and MS in Animal Science from University of Maryland and currently reside in VA. I understand and appreciate your passion! If you are ever up this way I would be happy to show you around.


  16. I was researching blogs, and the different styles people have adopted, and stumbled upon yours by accident. It is well thought out, informative, and just what a blog should be … tailored to a specific audience.

    Though I am not in the AG field, I do live in TN (Brentwood), and was enthralled by some of the information that you provided. In reading the blog, it made me want to take a trip to a farm, and discover the starting point of my daily meals.

    Best of luck to you on your career, and blog.


  17. This is a great blog! Love what you are doing here! I am up in Alberta (Canada) and they are starting to launch Ag more than ever campaign, which is trying to do the same as your blog, promote Agriculture for what it really is! Feeding the world! I work in the word of financing agriculture and I can’t imagine a better life for anyone but being on the farm! Check out the agmorethanever.com to see the website and learn a bit about Canadian Farming. Wishing you all the best!


    • Thanks for stopping by Angela! Keep spread the word up there in Canada. I’ll be sure to check out the website, it’s always cool to learn about Ag from different countries!


  18. Hey Ryan!
    I wanted to let you know I shared the link to your blog on my posting (http://nebraskawheatie.com/2012/08/21/the-award-goes-to/) because I nominated you for both the “Sunshine Award” and “One Lovely Blogger Award”. I don’t expect you to counteract but wanted to share with my readers your site! Hope you’re well! Thank you for what you’re doing! Just keep on keeping on!


  19. Hi there again, my daughter got her acceptance letter to Central Arkansas, she’s very excited. When I told her about your brother going there she was interested in getting in contact with him. I’ll send you a message on Twitter and you we can DM if you’re brother is interested.


  20. Hi, I love what you are doing. I’ve nominated your blog for the Leibster Award:) You can read all about it on my blog. http://midwestfarmgirl.com/?p=566


  21. Thank you for writing about the South Dakota ranchers. Your words express a lot of the care and heartache they feel for each and every cow. Western-prairie ranching is so very different from other parts; you get it. I hope people educate themselves before judging anything about a sudden Fall blizzard that devastates and takes out thousands and thousands of livestock. Keep on writing! and supporting your fellow ranchers.


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