Higher Standards

As I sit here and reflect on the past, I realize that there have been so many changes in my plan for life that the outcome so far has been unimaginable. In my high school art class the discussion was brought up about each persons expectations in life. Me being the person that I am, speaks without running my choice of words through my filter. I continue to tell a senior that I have “higher standards” than he does. Yeah the name ‘high standards’ haunts me to this day. But in all reality, we all have standards for our life. Some want to set the bar high, and others only strive for a passing effort. All in all I think it all comes down to what you expect out of yourself determines the amount of success you will have in life. If all you want in life is to stay in your home town and smoke pot, then that is what you shall do. But if you start off challenging yourself to succeed and do your best, you will accomplish whatever you want in life. So stand tall, surround yourself by great people, and set high standards for yourself! This may be why one day I may end up riding a horse through the pastures of my cattle ranch…at least that is the plan.


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