Settling down…Where?

Over the past couple of weeks, I have kinda come across a new state of mind. I really don’t know what happened. I just kinda starting looking at things a different way. It might be that I am finally realizing that I only have 3 semesters of college left and that I am finally gonna have to figure somethings out. For anyone that knows me, there is always somethings that is catching my mind, and what I have decided that I am gonna do for the next summer or after college, well it just changes every week..Literally… haha, but I guess that is how I finally figure things out. I have applied for an internship on a cattle ranch in the mountains of north-central Wyoming (Lord knows I have ALWAYS wanted to spend a summer in Wyoming or Montana *that’s mission that I plan to accomplish before I die) and then I kinda want to apply for an internship with a feedyard in Colorado, or do an internship in corporate cattle industry somewhere in Kansas City or Denver, then there is wanting to work on a ranch in the cattle country of Texas or New Mexico, and I even went as far as deciding that I wanted to go overseas for the summer. There was the mission trip to south or central America or even Africa, or doing a zoo/ranch internship in Belize. Then there are the times where I decided that I was gonna stay right here in Stillwater and take classes so I could graduate in December. Yeah I tend to change my mind every week.
But in the last couple of weeks I have been looking beyond this summer. Like after college there are unlimited options. Grad school seems like a definite. But what about the AIDE program where I could go work on a ranch in rural Australia for an entire year. I could go find work before I go to grad school, or even look into going to a different state for grad school. Then I want to look past grad school. Of course my dream to own my own cow-calf operation will always stay the same. But I like the idea of starting off as a Repro-specialist working for a vet somewhere in cow country in the western states. That seems like fun. Or I could go right to work in a management position at a ranch or feedyard. Who knows?
Maybe I should just forget all planning and just take whatever is thrown at me and make the most of it….I think I need help!


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