Here’s to the Class Schedule…

What is it about all of my classes having tests on the same week? I am seriously thinking that all the professors get together in this big meeting and plot to hoard us with tests for a select few weeks during the semester. I have a test everyday this upcoming week and one on next monday. Seriously?!?! Give some of us a break!

I will say that I kinda feel accomplished by what I have gotten finished: a 22 page assignment for applied nutrition (YES 22 PAGES!), 6 pages of notes for my applied nutrition test, typed 10 pages of my notes for Romans class, completed a hauntingly horrible statistics assignment, and written note cards for my livestock entomology test (which I have a study session for the specimens in about a two hours). I would say that is pretty good for a Friday and Saturdays work load. But I have accomplished ditto today.

I guess this is what I get for trying to take 20 hours of classes this semester.

So here is to a wonderful class schedule that keeps me so busy that I do nothing but study and catch up, have no time to work or find some cattle or horses to mess with, and all of this so I can finish college on time. At least I have Wyoming to look forward to in…77 days!


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