Holy S***! What do I do with all this stuff?

Yeah thats kinda what I am afraid of feeling when I get a job after graduation.

So, if plans go right, I will be looking at graduation in a year. That is scary. What am I gonna do after college? Thats the eternal question. I have decided on a statement to cover that. Actually its what I have been putting on scholarship applications, so I have had time to think about it.

Plan A) I find a job on a cattle operation that will allow me time to work under an experienced manager that can teach me more about cattle. Management. Life. Whatever you want to call it. Hopefully a job with a possibility to network and find a way to a manager position on a ranch and possible a feedyard. This wouldnt let me earn an enormous amount of money, but would probably lead to me living a simple life and doing what I love.

Plan B) Go to grad school for cattle physiology (reproduction) and work for a ranch or vet as a repro specialist. I would even throw horses into the picture because they pay pretty good. This would take a few more years and prolly bring in a little more money. I love working with animal reprod and love working the odd hours of calving/foaling season.

So I had better get to figuring out what I want to do, and get past that fear of failing at whatever I start with. I know I am super lucky to have more hands on experience than many kids my age, so I just ought to own up to the fact that I am set to go. I still am afraid of messing up on the job…


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