I am still thinking on it…..

Alright, this is my Senior year, and I am really stuck on trying to decide what I want to do after next May. Really torn between my options. Like many college students will say, I am sick of classes. Sick of the routines, the class schedule, the reading, the papers, and tiresome studying. I am more than ready to be outside working in my atmosphere.

So I really do not want to go another couple of years to grad school. True it would be beneficial if I were looking for a job in a corporate world, a job that could take me places, include promotions, and a decent paycheck. But that is not where I want to be in five years. I want the satisfaction of seeing my cattle grow. The satisfaction of opportunities taken and success with my cattle herd. I am far from wanting to work for a company that sends me places, fighting for promotions and positions.

Then I am stuck wondering if I should look into a opportunity to return to Wyoming or another western state to work on a cattle operation. I greatly enjoyed my work this summer. The amazing landscape and new environment for working with cattle. No place can beat the mountains for an amazing place to ride and move cattle all day every day. But it is a long ways from home.

I am very close to my family and looking forward to the opportunity that I have to return home and partner with my dad on several head of cattle, and help him run our cattle auction. Its already set up and convenient for me to return home and start working on building our herd that we have a good start on. I would have a head start on my dream of building my own herd of cattle, and have my dad to guide me on my way. I would have so many opportunities to branch out and work with many knowledgeable people that could teach me so much. I would feel comfortable about being able to succeed in that environment. But would it be hindering me that I am returning home and working in the place that I have grown up in? Is it a problem to return and build on our family operation?

Geeze…I hate having to make decisions. I am still thinking on it…


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  1. Is it hindering? In a way. But for that door to be open to you is not just a fluke. There is always a reason for everything. It would be a great way to establish stability in stead of just jumpin off a cliff and hoping to land on solid groud or ending up floating in a body of water that is far bigger than you could imagine.

    Well.. I know that I will probly have some sows when I'm older but I am not going to take over the family farm. That doesn't help much but just throwing that out there.
    Just keep your boots on and keep them on the bar 🙂


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