My vest smells like a feedyard…

It’s kinda funny this morning, I put one of my vests in the dryer to warm it up and when I pulled it out it smelled a lot like the feedyard. It kinda made me laugh because it reminded me of the summer I spent working the Texas feedyards in 2008. No matter how many times I washed some of those clothes, they still smell the same. But that was a pretty awesome summer, only to be triumphed by the next spent in Wyoming.
This week has been no fun at all, nor will the next two be either. I have test after test for the next two weeks, along with two group presentations within two days. I really need to get on the ball and find my motivation to mentally make it to class everyday. I have been slacking, mostly because I can get over confident in where I sit with my grades. I roll over in the morning and its cloudy and wet and say ‘It’s alright if I miss class because I have a good hold on my grade.’ Then, next thing you know, I am slipping down the slope. I am not saying that I am so far down the hill that I am in trouble, I can see it coming if I don’t stop sliding now.

I am in the middle of my Senior year and more than ready to get out of this place. Ready to get back to doing what I love on a daily basis; working cattle, being outside, jumping on my horse for a nightly ride. Those are the things that I love. It’s what I need to do. It won’t be long, just gotta get through these next few months. Until then, it’s taking every opportunity to sit back and relax and watch a Clint Eastwood film.


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