Rancher’s Journal

WorkingRanchtv.com/blogs This is a blog hosted by Working Ranch Magazine. The blog currently features three authors who are part of the cattle industry. Each share’s their own “Rancher’s Journal” and document interesting activities that come with work in the cattle industry. Hear the story of a ranch hand, the wife of a stocker operator, and a young college graduate working in the Texas feedyards. Find them on twitter, @thekansascowboy @AR_ranchhand


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  1. Hey!

    I just stumbled upon your blog & hoped you might welcome an email from me. My name is Allison and I work for a ministry called Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Alabama. It’s an INCREDIBLE ministry and I am so so proud to work for them. Anyway! I just discovered this great organization called Steer Inc. and am on the search for ranchers across the nation! Have you heard of Steer Inc.?? I have no idea if this would be something you’d be interested or if someone you might know would be interested but I’d LOVE to hear back from you. Allison.gortney@gmail.com . Regardless, your blog is great! Have a wonderful day!


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