Tack Store Heaven…Or Close Enough

It’s not exactly heaven, but this is pretty darn close. Don’t you hate how every tack or western-clothing store is over-priced or full of cheap-made products? I found a hole-in-the-wall store in Benton, Arkansas that has tack literally from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. You kind of have to dig through everything, but there are a few bargains to be found. I could have spent all day long in this store, but we’ll just have to make multiple trips.

Sue’s Tack. This is what you see just inside the door, only on my trip, I could not see those walls.
Found a good saddle pad and blanket. Yep, they even have Oklahoma State Orange!
Even found one that fit just right in the kitchen…
And I found a decent saddle to use as a spare, or at least until I find the one I am really looking for. Needs some cleaning, but it’ll work.

We’ll have to see what I find on some follow-up trips.

Do you have a favorite tack store or have you ever had to dig through a mess just to find an unexpected treasure?


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