Wordless Wednesday: Calving Season

I brought this calf the house to warm because it was born in a snowstorm and covered in snow and ice. Its ears and nose froze the night after it was born. At least its still alive!
Just about as fresh out of the oven as you can get.
Can you guess this crop and how we use it?
One word: Beavers…


  1. I wrote a little about the beavers in Arkansas on my other blog today (http://tinyurl.com/4rzlgmw). Most of the damage they results in flooded out pastures and washed out roads and fences. If we don't stay on top of it, the pastures can be lost to water grasses. Which is what we are trying to correct right now on the ranch.


  2. Calves are so adorable! Ok…ok, I admit that when we visit the county fair we spend more time in the birthing barn than anywhere else.

    Your cows are beautiful and I like the farm fresh.b


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