Wordless (Word-full) Wednesday: In Tennessee

Finally made it to ole Tennessee. Got the lyrics to the Vols fight song stuck in my head alongside Reckless Kelly’s latest Album Good Luck and True Love. Horrible, horrible, I know…

Anyways, I’ve made it to my house, have most of my boxes unpacked, a giant pile of clothes on the floor, and have contributed entirely too much $$ to Kroger for groceries this week. I’ll be stationary until my first paycheck. I have never seen such a large section of organic/natural foods in my life. But that’s a soapbox, for another post, for another time…

Anyways, I’ve got an awesome view of the Research Station’s Dairy barn from my front porch…

And the other night the sunset turned completely orange. I was kinda confused whether or not to holler GO POKES like I did at this sight in Oklahoma in Texas, or if it is more appropriate to holler (whatever the Vols chant is) now that I am in Tennessee. Still it’s orange country, so who can complain with a sunset like this?

The sky REALLY was THAT orange. But as the sun set farther into the horizon, the sky turned back to normal shades of darkness. But still pretty impressive considering I am only 3 minutes from Target, Logan’s Steakhouse, Buffalo Wind Wings, and Kroger.

Now to get Pistol into the routine of staying home. She’s having trouble with the concept that she can no longer go to work with me every day any longer. Sad times…



  1. Tenn. is lovely, but not really that much different. I sent my Great Pryenees (sp?) to be safe there rather than in rural Columbianna Co., Ohio —she is gone now , a good dog for sheep guarding her flock and (me). Thunderstorms in the Mountains freaked her…There will never be another “Shaman”. LLBeeler and ==if I want more sheep, are they safe here without high-tinsel wire about 4 inches apart??? and what about the dog?


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