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Want proof? I’ll show you a photo!

I realized yesterday that it might be important to capture a ‘working’ photo of myself, to prove that I actually do work with cows, give guest lectures, and enjoy doing ranch work. Only, there’s a problem – I’m always the one behind the camera. That, or working by myself. It’s not that I just want to show off what I do, but these might be important when it comes to publishing some print material or more professional appearances. I mean, sure I can show ya tons of photos of my cattle, horses, and the places I’ve been, but not very many to show me actually working.

I do have a few shots, but they’re not very printable.

Like this one with a foal back in undergrad. This incident was fun finding triplets, but not a very good photo.

This photo made sure to get my good side while tagging a calf.

And my favorite holding this placenta, but again, not very printable.

Then there was a few where I showed others how to perform a necropsy.

And another one of my favorites from the mountains. But not really a photo of me working.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or am I the only one nerd enough to have the only camera in the crowd?

About Ryan Goodman (1110 Articles)
Ryan Goodman lives in Helena, Montana, but grew up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas. He has spent the last several years learning about farming systems across the country, living in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Tennessee. He is a proud Animal Science graduate of Oklahoma State University and has completed graduate level research at the University of Tennessee, focusing on beef cattle reproduction and nutrition. Outside of advocacy, Ryan is a novice runner, with goals of accomplishing his first Marathon in 2016, and enjoys refueling with a good steak. #TeamBeef!

3 Comments on Want proof? I’ll show you a photo!

  1. Caryl Velisek // May 4, 2012 at 7:27 AM // Reply

    I don’t have many either, Ryan. I’ve got one of me milking a dairy cow in the country fair milking contest. First time I ever milked a cow. And another of me showing a steer in at the county fair Old Timers Showmanship. The steer was arthritic and is laying down in the middle of the show ring while I’m showing him. That’s it. I/m usually on the other end of the camera. Have a great day!


  2. Nebraska Farm Wife // May 4, 2012 at 1:09 PM // Reply

    Your timing is perfect!! Last night I brought home a new distillers products to see if it would pass the “bovine acceptability” test. My hubby asked why it took me so long to check the cows, as I explained I took some of the product with me on the 4-wheeler and parked in the middle of the herd to see if I could get anyone to volunteer for the taste panel, he asked if I took any pictures!! UUUMMM no… I was in the middle of about 40 cows with food, 1 hand was holding the treats while the other was guarding the bucket!! So he went with me to chech another pasture of cows and took a few pictures…. only got my arm…. My blog is full of pictures and I don’t thing that I am in more that a couple unless you count when my finger may have been in the way a little bit!!! Happy FRIDAY!!


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