Why should farmers and ranchers advocate for agriculture? (Video)

I think it goes without question if you’ve followed my material for very long, that I am passionate about advocating for the voice of farmers and encouraging others involved in agriculture to join the conversations. While speaking at various agriculture meetings or organization events, I sometimes get blank stares from those farmer and rancher types not already involved in agriculture advocacy. I get the normal “Why should I care to worry about what those folks think of me?” or “Social media is a young person’s game.

Why should we care to advocate for agriculture and the rural way of life?

I know this video is a promotion for Colorado Farm Bureau, but the folks with the Young Farmers and Ranchers group have a pretty good statement to make.

“Agriculture, politics, and the future of rural America is not your grandpa’s game. It is your’s and your voice needs to be at the table… If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. So Your voice is one of the important ones that people need to hear.”

Farmers and Ranchers need to be involved in advocating for their way of life. Young or Old. New or Veteran. I’m willing to bet most people involved in agriculture are passionate about what they do and want to see that way of life continue for the next generation.

Young Farmers and Ranchers Agriculture Advocacy

If we’re not involved in the conversations (that have been and are already occurring), someone will tell a story and it will not always be an accurate one. When that inaccurate story is told, the misperceptions will continue to grow.

“One misinformed person can tell 10 uninformed people and so the misperception goes on.”

Your advocacy doesn’t have to be online or in social media. You don’t have to write a blog or spend all day commenting on inaccurate news stories or Reddit posts. Just make an effort to get to know your neighbors. They are the ones with questions and will likely be your biggest ally if they can trust you before that subject becomes and issue.

It’s likely to be a less hostile venture than you may fear. Just get out there and do it.

(Ok, I’m done preaching to the choir, my regular followers. Share this post with someone who you might encourage to take a step out of their comfort zone and be a voice for their passions.)

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Ryan Goodman lives in Helena, Montana, but grew up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas. He has spent the last several years learning about farming systems across the country, living in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Tennessee. He is a proud Animal Science graduate of Oklahoma State University and has completed graduate level research at the University of Tennessee, focusing on beef cattle reproduction and nutrition. Outside of advocacy, Ryan is a novice runner, with goals of accomplishing his first Marathon in 2016, and enjoys refueling with a good steak. #TeamBeef!

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    Taking this a step further – why should you advocate for rabbits? The same principles apply here, in a more focused way.


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    Couldn’t have said it better myself, this is a great blog for people to read!


  3. This is a great post and really hits the points AGvocaters have been trying to make. I have reblogged this on my blog so that word can spread!



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