A salute to the ‘Stach. Let’s get ready for Movember-Dairy!

Did you know… 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes? That means 8,000 of today’s dairy farmers will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Join Dairy Carrie and the Dairy community as they raise awareness during ‘Movember‘. If you have a beard, shave it on November 1. If not, start growing one! Who’s in?

The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

I am turning my blog over to my friend Amy from DCC Waterbeds to talk about the awesome event she is heading up to help bring awareness of Men’s Health issues, especially in the dairy farming community. But before I turn the blog over to Amy I have to share the video of my Father-in-law on Channel 3 in Madison this morning talking about why he is going to shave his beard off for the first time in 40 years… check it out! And if you’re in Madison, you should be HERE tonight!

P.S. I plan to share the story of Clem’s beard and the shaving of it on November 1st!

If you know Dairy Carrie personally or are a regular reader of this blog, you know she is not afraid to stir things up, and has a soft spot for making animals’ lives and the people who care for…

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