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American Farmers and Ranchers make up less than 2% of the population, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be heard. According to the 2007 USDA Ag Census 58% of farms have high-speed internet access and many of these farmers have taken advantage of this opportunity to connect with urban consumers. Here is a growing list of farmers, ranchers, and supporters of agriculture sharing their stories of everyday farm and ranch life via blogging and social media. Connecting with Consumers. Spreading the word of food origins.

Farmers and Ranchers…

The folks who get their hands dirty producing the food, fiber, fuel, and by-products used in our daily lives.

Agriculture Community…

This group includes scientists, students, and others who provide services and support the agriculture community – also great resources for food and farm information.

To find more members of the Agriculture community on social media, be sure to check out this Farmer Bloggers database.

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3 Comments on Blog Roll

  1. Thanks for including me, Ryan!!


  2. Its good to see someone interested in farming and telling people about it.


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  1. WTF is linkbuilding - Marketing Your Farm

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