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There are several opportunities where I have been asked to share a few thoughts on other blogs, websites, and magazines. Here are a few links. Be sure to visit these pages and thank these groups for sharing a message about food and agriculture.

  • Prime Time Showman’s Handbook
    • July 2013 – Can we have a civil conversation?
  • Alltech
    • June 2013 – Alltech Symposium Breakout Sessions Highlight Advances in Livestock Nutrition Programs
    • May 2012 – Agriculture Proud in Lexington, KY
  • CNNEatocracy
    • April 2013 – Opinion: What the ‘ag gag’ bills mean to my farm
    • March 2013 – Celebrate National Agriculture Day and talk to a farmer
    • February 2013 – When the fields are frozen, there’s still plenty of work to be done
    • February 2013 – By the numbers, how has farming changed since ‘So God Made a Farmer’
    • February 2013 – ‘So God Made a Farmer’ – Truck ad stirs pride
    • December 2012 – What should a ‘local’ farm (and farmer) look like?
    • September 2012 – Farmers aren’t evil. Now can we have a civil conversation?
    • July 2012 – Praying for rain in the Arkansas drought
    • July 2012 – No Bull – Start a conversation with a farmer
    • June 2012 – No Bull – What a farmer wants you to hear
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
    • January 2013 – Ag Social Media ‘Rock Stars’ Encourage Farmers, Ranchers
    • January 2013 – Social Agriculture Panel [Video]
    • January 2013 – Farmers Strategize on Social Media
  • American Angus Association
  • Growing Produce (FL)
    • October 2012 – Ag Blogger Ryan Goodman Talks Social Media
  • NCBA Young Producers’ Council
  • Feedstuffs – Food and Farm Radio
  • @Urban Magazine (Fort Smith, AR)
  • Highlands Today (Tampa, FL)
    • July 2012 – Industry plugs into social networks
  • AgriTalk Radio
  • DTN Progressive Farmer
    • July 2012 – Drought fries forage – sale barns busy as grazing dries up
    • October 2011 – Farmers are using blogs to tell the real, day-to-day stories about their operations and the food they grow
    • September 2011 – Blogging is an opportunity for thoughtful dialogue straight from the farm
  • A Colorful Adventure
    • July 2012 – Ryan Goodman, Ranchhand & Social Media Hero
  • AgChat Foundation
    • June 2012 – How can a farmer get a chance to write for CNN?
    • October 2011 – No smartphone? No problem
  • University of Florida – Center for Public Issues Education
    • June 2012 – Using Social Media to tell your story
  • Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association
    • 2012 – Social Media in Agriculture: Who’s Doing it Right?
  • US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance
    • May 2012 – Cattlemen’s College: Cattle Feed Efficiency
  • Progressive Cattleman
    • May 2012 – Bright opportunity for the millennial generation
  • Consumer Ag Connection Radio
  • AgriView News Magazine
    • January 2012 – Fast food tries new marketing approach, beef industry takes spotlight
  • Landline ABC News (Australia)
  • Beef Magazine
    • April 2010 – I am Agriculture Proud! Are You?
    • June 2011 – Beef Producers Must Promote To Consumers
  • Tri-State Livestock News
    • May 2010 – I am agriculture proud
    • May 2011 – Ryan Goodman launches ‘Agriculture Proud’ Web site to showcase lifestyle
  • Progressive Dairyman
    • April 2011 – AgChat Foundation celebrates one year of connecting consumers with farmers and ranchers using social media
  • Oklahoma State University
    • March 2011 – Agriculture students develop beef blog
  • Farm Journal Magazine
  • America’s Web Radio
  • Calf News Magazine
  • Working Ranch Magazine
  • KGYN Radio News
  • Feedlot Magazine

Keynote Speaker Opportunities

ryan goodman agriculture speakerAgriculture is my passion and I want to take opportunity to share my story offline with others in the community. I take advantage of opportunities to present workshops, speak for clubs, field days, banquets, and meetings. My messages include training for use of Social Media in agriculture, pursuing your passion with a career in agriculture, and connecting our food from pasture to plate. If you or your group are interest in having me speak at your next event, contact me by email (

Previous speaking events:

  • Pursuing Agriculture as a Career – Estancia, New Mexico FFA Banquet, May 2011
  • Connecting Food from Farm to Fork – Estancia Public Schools, Grades K-8, New Mexico, May 2011
  • Advantages in Beef Cattle Marketing, Monroe County Cattlemens, Brinkley, Arkansas, August 2011
  • Blogging for Agriculture session, AgChat Foundation Conference, Nashville, TN, August 2011
  • Social Media for Agriculture, Beef Cattle Merchandising, University of Tennessee, April 2012
  • Social Media for Agriculture, Tennessee Hereford Field Day, Shelbyville, TN, June 2012
  • Beginner Blogging, AgChat Foundation Conference, Kansas City, MO, August 2012
  • Social Media – The Road from Farm to Urban – Agriculture Institute of Florida Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, October 2012
  • Social Agriculture: Social Media’s Role in the Industry (Video) – American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, January 2013
  • Social Media for Cattle Marketing, Beef Cattle Merchandising, University of Tennessee, February 2013
  • The Importance of Youth Quality Assurance, 4-H Leader and Volunteer Training, Crossville, TN, February 2013
  • Fetal Development and Beef Cow Nutrition, University of Tennessee REC Field Day, Alcoa and Springfield, TN, June 13 and 27, 2013
  • USFRA Conversation Leader Training, Atlanta, GA, July 10-11, 2013
  • Blogging Beyond the Basics: Better Blogging, Better Connection, AgChat Foundation Conference, Charlotte, NC, August 22-23, 2013

Keynote Speaker Bio

Ryan Goodman is manager of communications at Montana Stockgrowers Association. He lives in Helena, Montana, but was raised on a family cow-calf and stocker cattle ranch in Arkansas. His interest in the cattle business has taken him to several states around this country. After finishing college at Oklahoma State University, Ryan spent a few year working in cattle feedlots in the Texas Panhandle region. He then pursued graduate-level studies and research in cattle reproduction and nutrition at the University of Tennessee.

Ryan has developed a passion for being involved in conversations surrounding agriculture and food topics. His advocacy efforts take him across the country, teaching farmers, ranchers and agriculture organizations how to engaging in meaningful conversations with our customers and helping others share their story of agriculture. He loves being able to call Montana home and working with the many outstanding ranchers in Big Sky Country. Outside of communications and ranching, Ryan is a novice runner, enjoys a good trail run to get away from a busy schedule, and of course, fuels up after a long day with a good healthy steak.

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