About Me

Beef. Runner. Travel.

Beef. That’s an easy way to sum up my interests. I work with America’s farmers and ranchers to help them share their stories when you ask questions about how beef cattle are raised. I grew up on the ranch in Arkansas and those roots run deep.

Runner. Fortunately, for me, beef fuels my running. I wasn’t much for running, then I was talked into doing a 200-mile relay with friends and the bug had bitten. I ran my first half marathon in 2015. My first marathon came in 2016. And I couldn’t decide when to stop, so I ran my first 50-mile ultramarathon in 2017. I’d much rather be trail running than pounding pavement.

Travel. If work doesn’t keep me on the road, I am looking for a weekend to explore new trails. I’m good at earning points and miles for free travel and they’re always burning a hole in my pocket. I make my spending work for me so I can explore our National Parks, running up the Rocky Mountains and find new trails every weekend.

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Who is this guy?

I grew up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas with my parents and 2 brothers. I’ve been fortunate to work with cattle from conception to retail beef product.

I attended the University of Arkansas where I studied equine science and moved to Oklahoma State University to focus on beef cattle. Later, at the University of Tennessee, I contributed to researching interactions between cattle nutrition and reproduction.


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This guy, Pistol Pete, is why my blog theme is Orange. Go Pokes!

Living in the Texas Panhandle to work in the cattle feedlots and a summer working on a natural beef ranch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming planted the seed for my love of the mountains and travel.



In 2013, I made the move to beautiful Montana to work with ranchers at the Montana Stockgrowers Association. This was an amazing opportunity to pursue a dream of living in the Rocky Mountains and working with some of the best ranchers in the country.

No lie. When I finished my first 50 miler, my thoughts at the finish line included: “100k is only 12 more miles…” I’ve been fortunate enough to fill my wall with race bibs, including two Marine Corps Marathons, the Chicago Marathon, several Ragnar Relays and multiple trail half marathons.

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Where I am today…

I now live in Parker, Colorado, commuting via highway and plane for work. Luckily, shoes are easy to pack. I spend much of my time trail running and do my part to be an example of how beef is an important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

My other interests…

Red Dirt music. My time in Stillwater, Oklahoma inspired a love for the Red Dirt music sceneCoffee fuels my day. My bookshelves overflow with everything from Lonesome Dove to the science of Running.

Climbing mountains, running 100+ miles every month. Fueled by beef.

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