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To combine my love for collecting postcards with my passion of learning about Agriculture, I set a goal to collect postcards from all 50 states and beyond and learn something about Agriculture unique to each area. I ask readers to send a postcard from their state and include a fact about Agriculture specific to their area. Here is what I have learned. More postcards and state fact sheets from the USDA Economic Research Service are listed on the attached pages.


  • Did you know that Alabama is home to the oldest continuous cotton rotation? Started in 1896, the experiment investigates the effect of crop rotation in cotton. –Jillian Stephens
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  • The Artichoke is the official vegetable of Monterrey County, California. Today, California provides nearly 100% of the artichokes in the U.S. — Celeste Settrini
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District of Columbia


  • Everyone knows about Florida’s citrus, but did you know the state produces 40% of the U.S. bell peppers? — Kathy Swift
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  • Why are so many potatoes grown in Idaho? The high level of volcanic ash in the soil throughout most of the state is highly favorable for growing spuds. — Breanna Carpenter


  • The Chicago International Livestock Show was at one time one of the most influential forces in trending cattle types and breeds. Chicago is also one of the most industrialized cities in America. — Anna Lisa Giannini



  • Iowa is No.1 in corn for grain production, soybean production, egg production, principle crops harvested acreage, and all hogs and pigs inventory and value. — Molly Peebles
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  • The horse industry is Kentucky’s top Agricultural cash crop. It’s estimated economic impact is approximately $4 billion. There are over 320,000 horses in the state of Kentucky. — Jesse Bussard
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  • Aroostook County produces more potatoes than any other county in the U.S. — Jen


  • 2 million acres, or 40% of Maryland, are in farmland;  the largest commercial industry in the state. — Caryl





  • Missouri is among the most diverse in Ag production – hay, sorghum, rice, soybeans, corn ,cotton, vegetables, cattle, hogs, and more. — Janice Person
  • 15% of the state works in Ag – more than 40,000 folks!
  • MO is the Black Walnut capital! — Janice Person



  • Nebraska’s farms and ranches utilize 45.6 million acres, 93% of the states land area. — Dustin Landenburger
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New Hapshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

  • Milk is New York’s leading Ag product. New York is the 3rd leading dairy producing state. — Ulla Kjarval

North Carolina

  • 52,400 farms produce 80 different commodities. — Cliff (Would really love a return address)
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North Dakota

  • North Dakota is the No.1 U.S. producer of spring wheat, durum, barley, sun flowers, edible beans, pinto beans, flax seed, canola, and honey.
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  • Ohio is the No.1 producer of Swiss cheese and home to the world’s largest yogurt plant in Minster.
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  • Oklahoma ranks No.5 in cattle/calf production, No.8 in hog production, and No.17 in broiler production.
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  • Pennsylvania leads the U.S. in mushroom production, growing more than 425 million pounds annually valued at more than $330.7 million. — Anonymous.
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Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

  • South Dakota ranks No.5 in sheep numbers, No.1 in bison and pheasant production.
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  • Texas ranks No.1 nationally in number of cattle operations, all cattle and calves, and the value of cattle and calves. — Melissa Laurent
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  • Vermont produces one third of the nation’s maple syrup. Agri-tourism is the state’s second largest crop! — Julie Brochu



West Virginia


  • Wisconsin leads all states in dairy exports
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  • No.1 in average size of farms and ranches nationwide at 2,745 acres. This has dropped by 1,100 acres since 1990.
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Send your postcard to P.O. Box 498 Pleasant Plains, Arkansas 72568. A stamp is only $0.28 and a postcard can be a photo or a piece of card-stock. Don’t worry if your state is already listed. There are many facts about Agriculture everywhere. So get out your pen and help me learn about Agriculture across the country. Maybe next year my goal will expand to the globe?

10 Comments on State Ag Facts

  1. Caryl Velisek // February 3, 2011 at 6:30 PM // Reply

    I am going to do a story on the three farmers who farm the Monocacy Battlefield along the Monocacy River, for our Legacy of the Land issue in March. I think I told you I am also working on a book about the history of beef and dairy cattle in Maryland. I know people don’t think of this state as an important livestock state because of our size and location (although Virginia next door is a very large producer of beef cattle), but we have some really great history in both beef and dairy here. Will send you one whenever I get it finished. Good luck with your postcards. I enjoy your posts.


  2. NY is actually a very diverse ag state, using approximately 23% of the state’s land for farming production! We rank 3rd for milk, 20th for egg production, 2nd for apples, 4th for tart cheeries and pears, 9th for strawberries, 3rd for wine and juice grapes, 5th for vegetable (2nd for pumpkin, 3rd for cauliflower, 4th in snap beans, cucumbers and squash, 9th in tomatoes), 3rd in corn silage, 7th in oat production, 2nd for maple syrup and 7th for garden plants.
    Most people never consider what the whole of NY supplies within our nation…just thought I would share!


  3. Washington is the leading producer of lentils


  4. Our 4H group was inspired by your project, and did similar for a fair project. They have put a thank you to you on the first page, and would like to send you a couple postcards that you might need. We have club members in Rhode Island (should be on the way already), Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

    Quiet Corners 4H


  5. Washington…the largest apple producing state. They account for about half of the U.S. production!

    Oregon… largest producer and processor of sweet cherries in the world, nation’s leading producer of Christmas trees and hazelnuts, the 3rd largest wine producer in the country!


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