North Dakota

North Dakota Fact Sheet

  • North Dakota is the No.1 U.S. producer of spring wheat, durum, barley, sun flowers, edible beans, pinto beans, flax seed, canola, and honey.
  • State motto, Strength from the soil, appears on the state coat of arms and the governor’s flag.
  • Every time you eat spaghetti chances are there is North Dakota durum in it
  • North Dakota farms and ranches occupy more than 39 million acres, almost 90% of ND’s land area
  • 24% of people are employed in Agriculture
  • $4.1 billion Ag industry
  • ND produces (% of US total) Dry edible beans (34%), Navy beans (38%), Pinto beans (56%), Canola (90%), Flax Seed (95%), Lentils (44%), Spring Wheat (50%), Durum wheat (56%), Barley (35%), Sunflowers (43%), Honey (24%)
  • 30,000 family farms and ranches

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